Being extremely optimistic and having indefinite patience she is the person who keeps the company together. She acts as a lightening conductor smoothing conflicts of the others. She is eager to help people in spite of the fact that a lot of them do not deserve it or simply take advantage of it. She is often so kind that it could be irritating. She is an enthusiastic, dinamic person, who is interested in everything. She adores dancing, which helps her endure the torturing pain inside. She is hopelessly in love with Mordred who does not even notice her.


She is extremely noisy and an exhibitionist but this is

only the surface. She conceals her own personality, which is hidden by her

strong voice and striking way of dressing. She is a brave spirit, not easy

to defeat but if it happens she suffers a lot inside. Dementia is her best

and most intimate friend. Together they are real eccentrics. She adores

parties, her humor is incredible, she can make the others feel light-

hearted. She is a loving type being more and more pessimistic after so

many disappointments. Her dream is to find a place where she can achieve

her aims and calm down at last.


He makes fun of everything, has a sarcastic manner because of which he seems to be a bit clumsy however well he sees the world. He often listens to brutal music to ease his agression or fears that tortures him. He has much to swallow and if he is full of anger which cannot be worked off he simply goes away and breaks up something. Once he lost his head because of a girl and he has been struggling with feelings since then. It is Eric whom he has a good time with… He gets on well with Dementia, who regularly tells him off when he seems to be snobbish. He can keep stroking his cat Chat-O for hours. He is an artist too.


Dementia [aka. Crazymermaid] is inclined to melancholy, thus her mood is always changing, as being extremely happy at one moment but struggling with thought of death at the next one. She is often grumbling loudly making remarks upon other people, who are not hurt because they know she is not serious. Moreover her grumbling is rather amusing than irritating. Sometimes she is a strict mother commanding her companious, sometimes she behaves like a 10-year-old teenager. Although she is often childish and playful her basic mood is seriousness. She enjoys being in water where she really feels well. Her greatest joy is swimming with Opium. She would like to leave everything here and swim far away one day. She is fastidious about her hair. Being a music-maniac she is singing all day and night. Her taste is similar to that of Eric so they often go to opera or concerts together. As a child she suffered from abuse because of her special physique and peculiar way of thinking, which made her distrustful of people in all her life. That is why she is tortured with frightening. Always creating something helps her work off nervousness. She is extremely reserved and feels uncomfortably in a company she is not familiar with. Otherwise she is really carefree among friends. She is secretly in love with Sebastian but as the boy is gay this remains only a wonderful dream like all her beloved ones so far. [It is only Marie-Angelique, who knows about this feeling.] She would like to get rid of her own inhibitions and be in real love, in a love which is returned.


Mordred’s lover. He is very ambitious so in spite of his ordinary talent he would like to be represented in different arts. He is keen on music especially opera. He is not a stay-at-home type but goes from parties to parties instead. Sometimes he needs some privacy, therefore goes for a walk together with his favourite pony Ella. He is extremely romantic and affectionate.


She is quiet and shy person who has her own opinion about everything but she is often discouraged by her timidness. Then she is grumbling inside but not loudly to avoid hurting anyone. In spite of being self-contained she loves listening to the others’ talking and laughing. However when she is fed up with them she simply flies away. She badly needs love. She collects beatles and takes care of them as well as the trees around her place because she is interested in botany besides her other hobbies. In case she is charged with doing anything, she always fulfils the task completly.


She is the company’s little girl who speaks a lot about meaningless things but keeps inside her the really important problems, which should be talked about. That is what wears her out. She can be unthinkingly childish. Her loneliness and kindness make her lovable and bearable in spite of the fact that it is not easy to decide whether these come from sincerity or from being frightened of solitude. She deals a lot with her appearance and hates books. She loves playing but what she likes most is arranging her hair. She is keen on gossiping and is interested in all the current even meaningless things.


The others always fondle him because of his naive and boyish charm. He must be given a hug while he is staring at you with his big beautiful eye. Consequently he is often indecisive. He has good sense of humour but if he is in pessimistic mood he is inclined towards crying or whining. He is fond of reading books especially biographies and classical fairy-tales. He is patient and always ready to help. Despite the fact that he and Octopussy can have a chat for long hours while doing shopping together, he is speech-impaired when he is frightened or shouted at.


They are the ideal married couple living in perfect harmony, as they have no other choice… They get on well completing each other in every field. They keep talking and laughing all day. Sometimes they do not react when they are asked something as if they did not notice the person. Thus the others simply wave in resignation. Victor is a real paternal character and Victoria is the care itself. They love feeding the pregnant raven in a tree nearby. They would like to have many children but it is physically impossible for them.


She loves seclusion and rarely enjoys company. In her childhood she felt well with her harp in her isolated world instead of playing with other children. She was mocked for this but did not mind. She could not live without her harp, it means everything for her. She would like to have her songs published some time. Eric and Dementia are her favourite listeners, sometimes the girl accompanies her with a song. She collects ballads of different nations and plays them in her own style. She is very sympathetic, a person who listens to everybody and everything. She cannot bear any confrontations, even small arguments upset her. She avoids being in company of men due to her being abused as a teenager. It is impossible for her to stay in a room with a man for more than five minutes except the person is gay.


Loveless [or Bleedy Seaweed] is a person who has not fallen in love yet. She is a stay-at-home type like Virgo and rarely visits anyone. She prefers staying in her own "shelter" listening to music or watching her favourite films and putting herself into the heroes’ places instead of living her own life. Too much daydreaming, too little living –that is her. She has grown up in a shell and when she had to face the problems of the world she started frightening, which caused permanent depression for her. Sometimes she seems to be too cool but this comes from distrust of people. She is fond of staring at the moon and clouds. She loves mistery, different types of fortune-telling and strange people’s lives. She is extremely shy and shame-faced, not brave at all, although she has everything that is needed, only does not dare to act. She is able to give up everything just before the aim.


She is proud and self-confident, sometimes to a great degree, although she feels if somebody is sincere with her and comes to earth. She does not want to hurt anybody and expects everybody to do so. She has experienced a lot so far, which hardened her soul. She can immediately see through everything and everybody. She is full of life, would like to travel and have parties all the time. She always creates something and has a lot of interests. Although she has made every effort to keep her freedom since she was a child, if she found the lost half of her soul in someone else, she would stay with her forever.

ELLA, Eric’s unicorn

CHAT-O, Mordred’s cute kitty

OPIUM, the dolphin

a lonely little pregnant raven




a birthday table

black rose bed


These paperdolls are the characters of my ‘Scarville’ short animation series.
The dolls are about 23 cm tall.

Every paperdoll has its own personality and story…

Character Design